Well hello there

Well hello there and welcome to my first blog! I thought I’d start by introducing myself, sharing how I started Eden Nairi Designs and what I do. 

My name is Rita, I’m married to Russell and we have 2 gorgeous children, Elijah and Eden. I love flowers, coffee, paper, lace, ribbons, wrapping gifts and of course handlettering. I have been known to find ribbon stores wherever I go, on a trip to Paris my first stop was this beautiful ribbon store Mokuba, let’s just say Russ wasn’t impressed! 

I have been a Visual Arts teacher for the past 15 years and have taught various specialist subjects. You can read more about this here. 

When I was on maternity leave with Eden I decided to pursue my passion for all things creative and started Eden Nairi Designs. Initially the business focused on gift tags and tote bags that were adorned with ribbons and lace and were hand stamped. Now it has evolved into what I love most – modern calligraphy. I have always been complemented on my handwriting; students have even asked me to make up a signature for them, LOL! I never imagined I could make a business out of doing what I love most and what comes naturally to me. 

Recently I've had the privilege to collaborate with Kate Robinson from krcreative on wedding invitation suites. Kate is a graphic designer and paper engineer, you can check out her exquisite paper floral designs and extensive portfolio at krcreative.com.au I came across a quote by Pharrell that said 'Collaborate with people you can learn from' and that's what I love about Kate, she's taught me so much and has been a great mentor. 

Enjoy having a look at my site. I’ll be writing more blogs about modern calligraphy and the talented, creative people who inspire me. Your comments and feedback are most welcome!